People in Harrisburg clean up from snow and ice

Harrisburg, Pa.-- Mother Nature brought our first winter storm of the season on Friday night. People across our area woke up Saturday morning to ice-covered roads, yards and sidewalks.

FOX43's Chris Hoffman caught up people in Harrisburg as they dug out.

"We came out last night, pre-treated everything cause we knew it was going to hit. Didn't seem to help much," said Glenn Larsen, with Rogele, Inc.

"It wasn't bad. it was pretty easy; I've dealt with all the record-breaking snowstorms before," Bruce Riley, with Kennedy Wilson Properties said.

Brandy Harris, who lives in the area said, "Well, I kind of expected to see what I saw considering it was falling all morning and night. I was pleasantly surprised it didn't take as long or was as strenuous."