What happens to unsold Christmas trees?

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ELIZABETHTOWN, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- Procrastinating could pay during the holiday season.  There are plenty of Christmas trees left for sale around the area.  Herr Farms sells its trees at reduced rates the closer the sale date is to Christmas.
On Christmas Eve, the farm sells the trees that are left to people who are down on their luck.  The cost: whatever the family can pay.

But what happens to to the trees that aren't purchased?

Herr Farms says most of them are used for mulch.  "If we can, we sell them for mulch, if not we use them down at the farm for next year's crops," said Rich Bates, who works at the farm.

Bates says the farm will sell up to 25 trees per day in this week leading up to Christmas.  Herr Farms is usually left with about 10-15 unsold trees by December 25th.