Couple has more than 100 Christmas trees on display

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CICERO, NY (CNN) — For a lot of people, Christmas lights are a lot of fun- a festive way to celebrate the holidays.

But for others, it is a serious hobby that fills their home for months at a time. From top to bottom of this Cicero house, 110 trees in more places than you can count.

Joe Dixie Sr./ Christmas Decorator:

“A lot of memories, that’s the main thing,” says Joe Dixie Sr. “It brings a lot smiles to peoples’ faces.”

From Campbell’s Soup to Snoopy, each has its own theme.

“There’s always a new tree. I have a lot more decorations that are still not out, so I could do several more.”

And to think it all started from the tiniest of things.

“This was a wedding gift 45 years ago. Basically it’s priceless to us.”

Since that first year the display grew and grew.

“Do you see yourself having more trees?”

“I don’t but Joe probably does,” says┬áRuth Dixie.

Now 46 years later, the couple has so many ornaments they never all get used.


“Thousands… the main tree has 600 ornaments.”

“It makes us smile to think that after all these years we have a lot to show for it.”

Some trees are a mere few inches high whiole others tower 9 feet tall. And the six-week set-up typically stays up until things thaw.

“Once it’s done, it’s so enjoyable. You don’t think about what you put into it.”

It’s a home sure to put a smile on any face. And downsizing? Not even a trace.

“Are you ever tempted just to leave it up all year long?”

“All the time.”

This couple says their dedication is not even close to burning out. They plan to keep decorating until their bodies ache and tire out.

“There it goes.. the right spot.”

The couple says all the lights shoot up their energy bill by nearly $200 per month.