Great Danes rescued; found in ‘deplorable’ condition in Adams Co.

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STRABAN TWP., Pa. -- Eight Great Danes, eight goats and three pot-bellied pigs were taken from an unidentified woman's home in Biglerville, Adams County.

Abigail Avery, an Adams County SPCA humane officer said officials received a complaint about the dogs being kept outside.

Avery said, "They were living in a makeshift kennel that was boarded up with plywood, they couldn't see the light of day."

The SPCA closed temporarily on Friday to rescue the animals.

"All of the dogs have ear infections, skin conditions, they have digestive system problems because of what they were eating," she said.

Avery said the owner was essentially running a puppy mill.

"She's breeding these dogs for money, and then they live in deplorable conditions. And as long as they're pumping out puppies, they're producing money."

The Great Danes are not going to be available for adoption any time soon. They need multiple surgeries and extensive care before that can happen.

Officials also rescued eight dwarf goats and three pot-bellied pigs.

Avery said, "The dogs, goats, pigs, none of them had one drop of water."

Avery said the goats will most likely be available for adoption in the next week, but the pigs need to gain weight before they can be released.

She plans to file animal cruelty charges against the owner, a summary offense.

Avery said, "It's going to depend on what the vet says for each dog, how the blood work comes back."

The humane officer said this type of treatment is unacceptable.

"The sanitation was illegal," she said. "They can live in an enclosed pen like that, they don't ever have to come out for a walk, they don't ever have to come out to be loved. Nothing. That is the law in Pennsylvania. That's why it needs to change."

Mamma's Pizza in Biglerville is giving out a portion of its proceeds on Thursday to the Adams County SPCA. The restaurant's owner said they want to help give these animals good homes.

Avery is happy that people are coming forward to give the animals that love they've never had before.

"The community has stepped up. And it never ceases to amaze me how wonderful people are and how much people want to help animals," she said.

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