York Factory whistle tradition continues early Christmas morning

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YORK,. Pa. -- The annual Factory Whistle Concert is scheduled for early Christmas morning. The annual event is scheduled to begin at 12:15 a.m. at Metso Minerals on Arch Street in York County.

The whistle concert has been ringing each holiday since 1955 and this year it will be done by the Ryan family for the 2nd time.

Participants say the 25-minute concert means a lot to families.

"A lot of families have told me how much this means to them over the years," said whistle musician, Donald Ryan. "That makes me, I get a little sentimental, that's my pay."

The whistle can easily be heard within a 5-mile radius of Metso Minerals depending upon the wind. You can also view it online via live stream beginning around midnight. To view the concert, visit http://www.yorkpafactorywhistle.com/