Dallastown-Yoe Water Authority: residents no longer have to conserve water

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The Dallastown-Yoe Water Authority has lifted the voluntary water conservation notice that was issued last week.

According to the borough, two leaks were found and repaired. Crews discovered one of the underground leaks earlier last week. The borough recommended residents conserve water until they were able to fix the problems.

Borough officials determined changing temperatures caused an underground water main to spring a few leaks. The leak cost the Water Authority to lose about 200,000 gallons of water per day, which is equal to 3.2 million cups of water lost every day since last Monday.

While the Dallastown-Yoe Water Authority gets its water from Red Lion, the source of the problem was mostly for Dallastown Borough residents. They were asked to only use water for essential uses such as drinking, cooking and bathing, as well as reduce shower time and laundry use.

Officials said Dallastown-Yoe water is still safe to drink. There are no disease-causing organisms that require mandatory water boiling.