How you pay to park is changing in Lancaster

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LANCASTER, Pa. - A meter that only accepts coins is no longer the norm in Lancaster. Starting December 26, The Lancaster Parking Authority switched to a pay-by-license-plate system. The new system replaces most meters and the old pay-by-space number system. Now, people are advised to park, take a photo of their license plate, head to a kiosk, plug in the plate numbers, pay and walk away.

"They are able to move from one point in the city to another with the payment on their plate, but everything will be enforced through license plate whether it's residential permit parking, street sweeping or downtown meters," said Larry Cohen with the Lancaster Parking Authority.

Some people are confused by the new system.

"If I didn't know it'd be kind of inconvenient to run over to my car to check it just to park for a half an hour or so," said Eric Poletti.

"So we've made the move to license plate to simplify the process, to provide a level of constancy, and accuracy and this was the opportune time to do that while taking over enforcement," explained Cohen.

January 1, the LPA will take over all parking operations including parking enforcement, residential permit program, street sweeping assistance, on-street parking and a few additional services.

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