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Open your wallet a little wider, gas tax to increase

YORK PA - Pennsylvania drivers already pay the highest gas tax rate in the country, and we're about to fork over some more cash at the pump.

The increase comes as part of a law signed before Governor Tom Wolf even set foot in office (former governor Corbett signed it in 2013).

Passed thanks to increased fuel efficiency in vehicles (leading to lower tax revenues from the pump), gas prices are expected to rise about 8 cents at the beginning of 2017; an increase PennDOT says pays to keep our roads smooth and safe.

The tax funds more than 1,500 road construction projects in Central PA for new bridges, road widening and new pavement on existing roadways. These projects are to be completed over the next few years.

Important to note is the fact that the law imposes the tax on gasoline distributors. Nothing in it says the tax must be passed onto consumers. However, it's expected that gas station operators will pass the tax on down the line to travelers.