Poll: Who among the following celebrities that passed away in 2016 will you miss the most?

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The 2016 list of celebrities who passed away seems endless. From musicians to actors, journalists to athletes, we’ve lost a lot of talent throughout the year.

According to the source Legacy.com, author of the celebrity obituary site Linnea Crowther wrote, “As of September 30, the total number of celebrity deaths so far in 2016 is 71. That’s more than the total number of celebrity deaths for the full year in any of the other years I looked at for this study. We’re already outpacing previous years by 5 to 20 deaths, and we still have three months to go.”

Since then, CNN reported, more stars have been added to the list, including, beloved TV parents Florence Henderson and Alan Thicke, veteran newscaster Gwen Ifill and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. On Christmas Day, it was confirmed that George Michael died, and then two days later, it was confirmed that Carrie Fisher too had passed away.

The scope of celebrity deaths in 2016 seems especially heartbreaking, perhaps, because we have lost a lot of people who have contributed so much — musicians David Bowie and Merle Haggard, rapper Phife Dawg, actors Gene Wilder, Alan Rickman and Garry Shandling, women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt, and boxing legend champion Muhammad Ali, CNN reported. We also lost music icon Prince, and first Lady Nancy Reagan.

Who among the following celebrities that passed away in 2016 will you miss the most?