New year, new laws in Pennsylvania

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PENNSYLVANIA, Pa. - When the clock strikes midnight on January 1, new laws will go into effect in Pennsylvania. For one, people in PA will be paying more for gas. The higher wholesale gas tax goes into effect. It increases gas prices by eight cents a gallon.

The tax is imposed at the wholesale level, meaning it is imposed on distributors and operators who would likely pass that increase on to consumers, according to Rich Kirkpatrick of PennDOT.

The funds go directly toward state road construction projects.

Also in the New Year, say goodbye to vehicle registration stickers. The state will move to using an automated license plate reading technology. Penndot anticipates it will save the state $3 million a year. The money will be used for other construction projects.

For drivers in Lancaster city, parking rates will not increase. All parking tickets will increase by $5.00. In Harrisburg, people will pay more to park in a garage.

January 8, Turnpike tolls will also increase. People paying cash or EZ- Pass will pay six percent more.

There is some good news, starting January 14, beer distributors can sell six-packs and can open at 9:00am on Sundays.