Fans filled with pride even after Penn State loss

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LONDONDERRY TWP., Pa. -- Fans across Central Pennsylvania were cheering for Penn State to win the Rose Bowl Game Monday night against the USC Trojans.

Although they were upset the NIttany Lions lost, they said this game was about more than that. It's about one word: pride.

Cheers of "We are Penn State" filled The Vineyard and Brewery at Hershey in Londonderry Township, Dauphin County.

Mike Snyder, a Penn State alumnus, said, "It's probably one of the most exciting teams I've seen in years. The fact that they get behind in many games in the beginning and fight their way back in the end to win is just awesome. It's brought back an excitement to Penn State we haven't had for years."

Snyder graduated from the university in 1979. He compared the current Nittany Lions to the team that played when he was a student.

"It was just a fantastic time to be at Penn State. I'm sure the students here this year feel the exact same way. It's been a fantastic year. Won the Big 10 championship," Snyder said.

For many fans like Snyder, they have the Nittany Lion pride from attending the university.

Jessica Cowart, a Penn State alumna from Lancaster, said, "Over the last few years they've definitely overcome lots of adversity and being an alumni, definitely pretty cool seeing them go to the Rose Bowl."

For others, the pride is in their blood.

Tim Latham, from Conestoga Township, Lancaster County, said, "Just always been a Penn State fan even before my sister went there. So that's always been around my family."

But some fans said the end result of the game isn't as important as the journey.

Latham said, "They had a great year. Coming into this season no one thought that they'd be in the position they are in today. So either win or lose I think they can keep their head high with a great season."

The fans hope next season the Nittany Lions will make it to the College Football Playoffs after finishing in fifth this past season.