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Poll: Do you think Penn State will win the 103rd Rose Bowl?

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Photo Credit: Andrew Kalista

FOX43 Sports reporters Todd Sadowski and Andrew Kalista will join us from Pasadena, California, where college football’s oldest bowl game — “Tournament of the Roses” — will begin at 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

The No. 5 ranked Big Ten Penn State Nittany Lions take on the No. 9 PAC-12 University of Southern California Trojans in “The Granddaddy of them All.”

According to The Tournament of the Roses, the game has maintained its “Never on Sunday” tradition, which dates back to 1893, the first year since the beginning of the Tournament when that New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday. The Tournament, the website explains, wanted to avoid frightening horses that would be hitched outside churches and thus interfering with worship services, so the events were moved to the next day Jan. 2. Though horses are no longer outside local churches, the tradition remains to this day.

Nittany Lions’ sophomore quarterback Trace McSorley has earned the respect of Penn State head coach James Franklin, who describes him as a “winner.” Franklin said his team’s game plan is in place and the only thing left to do is play.

Do you think Penn State will win the 103rd Rose Bowl?