Extra security to be present at Good Hope Middle School Wednesday after possible threat

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa.– Extra security will be present at Good Hope Middle School today, after the district discovered that a student possibly made a threat against the school.

The Cumberland Valley School District called parents and posted the following message on their website:

We are calling to make you aware that we learned this evening, Tuesday, Jan. 3, that a student was overheard possibly making a threat to Good Hope Middle School. The information was immediately relayed to Hampden Township Police and Cumberland Valley School District administration, who immediately began to investigate. The student has been identified, and the officers and administration are in contact with the families involved. We are informing parents to the situation as part of the protocols of our safety plan. 

After consultation with law enforcement, both police and the district feel that it is safe for school to be held as normal on Wednesday, Jan. 4. However, as a precaution, extra security will be present in and around the Good Hope campus throughout the day.

We appreciate the efforts of those involved in the investigation and will continue to partner with law enforcement to ensure our schools remain a safe haven. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.