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Lancaster shoppers react to local Kmart and Sears stores closing

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LANCASTER, Pa. -- Two big retailers announce more than 100 stores across the country will close within the next two months. Here in Central Pennsylvania, two Kmarts and a Sears store are shutting their doors.

The Kmart on Fruitville Pike in Lancaster has been the go-to store for thousands of shopper over the years. It's one of 107 Kmarts and 42 Sears that are closing this year.

Tamara Weaver, from Lancaster, said, "I am actually surprised because like I said it seems to always have business. It always has people in it. I mean I don't know what kind of volume they're expecting."

That Kmart will close in March. The Kmart on Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg and the Sears at the Capital City Mall in Camp Hill are scheduled to close sometime in February.

Both Sears and Kmart are owned by the same company, Sears Holdings.

Some shoppers are not thrilled by the decision.

Pattie Battaglia, from Mountville, said, "It's sad for our economy. We need to keep these businesses alive. But yeah it's sad because people have to be out there and possibly might not be able to get another job."

Some people in Lancaster said they're afraid the soon-to-be empty stores will be eye sores.

Weaver said, "Hopefully they can replace it with something that will be beneficial for the community."

Battaglia said, "We don't need more abandoned buildings here. We just need some small businesses coming here. And hopefully we can get all that back if they do leave. And when."

Liquidation sales at the stores could start as early as Friday.

Sears Holdings wouldn't tell us how many people will be out of a job, but said many will get severance pay and be able to apply to other Kmarts and Sears stores that remain open.

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