Poll: Do you think the STURDY Act should pass in wake of viral dresser video?

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By now, many have seen the above video of the dresser falling on a two-year-old boy and his twin brother saving him.

This video was shared on Facebook by the boy’s father, and went viral. It has evoked a number of different responses.

Here in Pennsylvania, Senator Bob Casey used this opportunity to champion the STURDY Act, a bill that would require the Consumer Product Safety Commission to toughen its standards on the stability of clothing storage units.

Casey has pushed for the passing of the bill in the past, having co-sponsored the bill in June 2016.

In response to the viral video, Sen. Casey released this statement:

“Horrifying incidents, like the one appearing in this video, show why we need strong, enforceable stability standards for furniture that can harm children. Unstable dressers and storage units continue to present a danger to our nation’s kids. It’s a miracle that a life wasn’t lost in this incident, and the next child may not be so fortunate,” said Casey. “This should be a wake-up call for every member of Congress that our children need safety standards right away. I intend to reintroduce the STURDY Act in the 115th Congress and hope for bipartisan support to get this commonsense legislation passed.”‎

Our question is, do you think the STURDY Act should pass in wake of viral dresser video?

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