Stormwater management project in Harrisburg

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Harrisburg, PA. - Some environmentally friendly changes are coming to Dauphin County.  It's all part of a project through the Tri-County Community Action Organization.  The group plans to create a green infrastructure parking lot on South 13th Street in Harrisburg, which will provide parking on Derry Street and reduce the amount of storm water going into the Paxton Creek Watershed.

"We'll create the parking lot by using soil and sediment control storm water management practices that will help reduce the amount of bad stuff entering our watershed.  It meets the requirements of the regulatory pressure and will ultimately benefit the Chesapeake Bay for generations to come," said Jennifer Wintermyer, Executive Director of Tri-County Community Action.

The organization received $55,000 from Dauphin County Commissioners for the project, which is expected to be finished this summer.