Second Delaware man to stand trial for homicide of in Lancaster Township parking lot over “lean”

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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– A second Delaware cousin that is charged with killing a man in a Lancaster Township store parking lot will face charges in court.

Rashan Ross, 27, will face counts of homicide, robbery, conspiracy to robbery, and theft regarding the September 2015 shooting of 19-year-old Jared Weaver. His cousin, Kareem Ross, was ordered to stand trial after a preliminary hearing in October.

Weaver will killed at the Advance Auto Parts store located in the 1000 block of E. King Street. He was killed during a transaction over $90 worth of “lean”, a cough-syrup based mixed drink.

Surveillance video of the homicide showed two males confronting Weaver before he falls to the ground, Detective Brett Shultz testifed Wednesday.

A man that was with Weaver told police that he made arrangements to sell “lean” and that he watched his measure out the substance before meeting with the buyers.

Both cousins are being held at Lancaster County Prison without bail.