Ski lift incidents remind riders to secure loose items

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WARRINGTON TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- A series of incidents on ski lifts across the country serve as a reminder of what to do, and what not to do while out enjoying winter sports.

FOX43 News dropped by Roundtop Mountain Resort in Warrington Township to pick up some safety tips,.

Roundtop hasn't had any incidents like those, in fact it has signs at the bottom of each lift to remind ski lift riders to keep all loose articles secure. It's one way to stay safe.

Whether you're a skier or snow boarder, being safe while having fun starts before you hit the slopes.

Snowboarder Sally Herman said "I'm aware of being safe and looking at the signs, making sure  I don't have anything that gets stuck."

Two boys were left dangling from their backpacks on a ski lift, in two separate incidents recently in Utah. It's a reminder for all snow lovers to pay attention to the safety signs.

Roundtop Mountain Resort marketing director Chris Dudding said "if you have a backpack on, we tell people to take the backpack off, hold it in your lap. It's far better that way, because it's not going to get on the chair. Also, things like scarves, make sure that it's not dangling behind, tuck it into your jacket, so that nothing can get tangled on the chair."

While some snow boarders like Herman don't get of course with a backpack.

"Put it in a locker or leave it in the car," Herman said.

Besides finding another place for your extra gear, Dudding explains that it's lifts have a built in safety feature.

"All of our lifts have retaining bars, that they can pull down as soon as they get on. It's not only a state law, but it's something we recommend very highly. Once you pull that safety bar down, then it gives you something in front of the chair," Dudding said.

Meanwhile, operators and safety patrol are looking out for riders, and will stop the lift if something unusual should happen.

"It really doesn't happened that often. We have safety measures in place, just in case, but for the most part, as long as you ride a lift the way it's intended to be ridden, it's a very safe form of transportation" Dudding said.

The ski lifts at Roundtop have another safety feature at the top of its lifts. A restraining bar will automatically shut off the lift if someone were to stay in their chair after it gets to the top.