Big 33 Scholarship Foundation announces intention to close their doors

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HARRISBURG, Pa. – The Big 33 Scholarship Foundation board of directors announces its intention to close the doors. “We no longer have the capacity and resources to continue operating the Big 33 organization” said Jeanne DeDay, President of the Big 33 Foundation Scholarship Foundation.

After careful, painful and diligent consideration, the governing Board of Directors unanimously voted to formally dissolve the organization. Contributions to the organization have been declining over the past 15 years and the debt has become unsustainable. Numerous other environmental changes have compounded the challenges.

“The Board of Directors and staff will work with community partners to explore opportunities to pass on the organization’s spirit, notably the program for persons with special needs known as “the Buddies,” award academic scholarships to outstanding students that meet the qualifications and the super bowl of high school all-star annual Big 33 football game. The game would be celebrating its 60th year anniversary in 2017. We are currently in discussions with another undisclosed organization to continue the game and now are optimistic it will survive.” DeDay noted.

We are taking time during the transition to consciously show our deep appreciation for everyone that ensured that the game and the Buddies program and the academic scholarship program enjoyed a robust and huge impact on literally thousands of individuals over the years. We particularly want to cast the spotlight on the long serving and loyal staff, host families, event volunteers, donors, vendors and local media.

We congratulate the academic scholarship recipients and the long list of outstanding athletes, many of whom went on to play professionally in the Super Bowl. We are also quite proud of the scholarship recipients and players who have become distinguished citizens in communities across the country. In many instances, doing the right thing is the hardest thing to do…and this is one of them.

The Big 33 Scholarship Foundation was established 59 years ago, and during its tenure made a material difference. The restricted funds that were raised for scholarships will continue to support the educational endeavors of its recipients. President DeDay noted that for individuals charged with responsibility as care takers that doing the right thing at times can be the hardest thing to do…and the decision to close the doors has been one of them.

Source: Big 33 Organization