Lead levels prevent day cares from opening in Lancaster city

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LANCASTER, Pa. - Protecting children from lead poisoning is the focus of a new law in Lancaster city. The lead poisoning code for the city was rewritten in the summer of 2016. The law now includes the protection of children at in home-based child care facilities. Since the new law went into effect the city's economic development and neighborhood revitalization organization says three people have applied to open day cares and all three have been denied due to unsafe lead levels in the buildings. They will have to make them lead safe before opening.

"We check to see if daycare centers are safe from a fire standpoint or safe from the way the structure is built standpoint and so, it makes sense that we want to check that it is safe from a lead poisoning standpoint," said Dr. Jeffrey Martin, family and maternity physician and co-chairman Lancaster Lead Coalition.

There are more than 130 day cares already operating in Lancaster city. Those centers will not have to go through lead safety inspections.