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Milkshake Legends: Farm Show volunteers have worked for decades

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The next time you get a milkshake at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, ask for Don Conley, Fae Snyder, or Janet Eppley and say, "Thank you." That trio has served up more of the delightful drink than likely anyone else at the annual event.

Call them the Farm Show Golden Girls and the Golden Guy. Fae, 84, and Janet, 87, are celebrating their 63rd year volunteering at the PA Dairyman's Association milkshake stand. Don, 95 years young, has done more than 50 years of milk magic service.

"You see the same people who come to the Farm Show every year. And you get the reminisce everything that's happened in the last year," Fae said. "It's like a family reunion."

Don works over in the seemingly less busy stand in the Main Hall. Just because business is slower there, though, doesn't mean the near-Centenarian is slowing down.

He works straight from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day during the 8-day show, churning out multiple milkshakes a minute.

"This is a good turn for the day," he says. "I was in Boy Scouts and I was taught to do one good turn every day."

He is also a war veteran, which he proudly displays on his hat.

"Don is spry for 95," Fae quips.

She and Janet work with a similar vigor over at the food court stand.

"Seeing the kids smile when they first suck through the straw, seeing their faces when they get their first taste of it," Janet says is what keeps bringing her back.

Milkshakes cost $0.50, she adds when she and Fae started volunteering in 1954. They cost slightly more now, at $4.00 a cup.

"As long as I'm able, I'll keep doing it."