That’s a wrap! 101st PA Farm Show is over, but work still to be done

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The 101st Pennsylvania Farm Show may be over, but the work has just begun. Now comes the strenuous process of cleaning up the 24-acre complex.

Farm Show Executive Director Sharon Altland said, "Everything from again doing the cleanup, washing down walls. We have all the animals that have to move out. With the animals comes the stalls that have to be torn down and re-stacked."

Farm show officials estimate nearly 500,000 visitors walked through the complex doors. At then end of the eight days, many people benefit from the show.

The executive director of the PA Dairymen's Association, Dave Smith, said the dollars people spend on those infamous milkshakes go to a good cause.

Smith said, "This eight-and-a-half day run at the Pennsylvania Farm Show for the Dairymen's Association is very important because we're a non-profit organization, and this is a fundraiser that carries us throughout the year."

Last year, the association raised about $200,000.

Another vendor sells wool socks made from different animals at the farm show. Leslee Schwirian owns Woollow, and said she earned about 10 times more at the exhibition in one week than she normally would.

Schwirian said, "It means a lot. And they give me great suggestions on things I can change. And I listened to the customer, and that's really made a difference in my business."

Others didn't take home a profit, they took home a title.

Andy Younker with Kirbyville Holsteins, said,
"I was supreme champion of all the dairy cows. Best dairy cow at the PA Farm Show."

He with his cow Shirley enjoys educating the public about dairy cows and how they produce milk.

"They don't get to see stuff like this on a regular basis," Younker said,.

Just because the farm show is ending doesn't mean far show workers can take a break. Everything must be out of the complex in a matter of hours.

Altland said, "We're non-stop. We really don't have an open weekend here until late April, early May."

On Tuesday the farm show is having their Mid-Atlantic Breeders Sale and Draft Horse Sale.