In Lancaster County some say wind is worse than snow

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MILLERSVILLE, Pa. - This time of year people are use to being out in the snow. Monday pizza delivery driver Mike Bliem, from Two Cousins Pizza, was dealing with the wind.

"The wind always changes things. Always changes things. More than snow and rain actually. The wind can be bad,"  said Bliem.

No matter the weather he has about 40 deliveries a day.

"I lost a pie to winds. I have big hands but once you get 4 pizzas you can't get your thumbs on them. I got out for a delivery one time and it just took off," he said.

Students at Millersville University say when having to walk to class they would take snow over this wind and rain.

The wind did cause some damage. Power lines came down in Maheim off of Lititz Pike and near Kinzer winds broke a transformer. Also, when Lancaster City Police were checking on potential flooding they noticed a large branch fell off of a tree in Greenwood Cemetery. No one was injured.