York County family dogs that were stolen have been found safe

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CHANCEFORD TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Update: According to the Facebook page of Robert Frey the two Yorkshire Terriers have been found safe!

Original story: A York County family says someone stole their family dogs right from the front yard.

How they say the suspects took the two Yorkshire Terriers is what has the family shaken up.

Dog owner Bob Frey said "anybody that I guess is heartless and don't care about other people."

"Yes, they're belongings to some people, but they're part of the family too, and with our little kids, they don't understand," Bob Frey added.

An underground electric fence meant to keep the family dogs safe couldn't save them from being stolen.

Dog owner Cathy Frey said "we just got that a few months ago, and we thought that was key, it keeps them here. We can still keep an eye from the windows and stuff, but to think that somebody came that close to our house, and took something that belonged to us, it's pretty sad."

"The way our fence is set up, they had to be within 10 feet of my house to take my animals, and that's kind of scary," Bob Frey said.

Now, two empty electric shock collars are all that remain after Bob and Cathy Frey last heard their two Yorkies, Chance and Charlie, barking loudly Thursday night.

"The next thing I know, I heard two doors slam simultaneously, so that's when I got up, looked out the window to see a car driving away that just turned its headlights on," Bob Frey said.

Bob Frey drove after the car and questioned the driver who came up to him.

"We got the plate number, called Pennsylvania State Police, and they came out and did a report, and when they pulled up the tag, that's when they said it was from York," Bob Frey said.

It's why Frey wonders about the role his Chanceford Township home may have played in the case.

"It's not a place you just stumble across, and see dogs out. We definitely feel that we were targeted, and it was not random," Bob Frey said.

Chance and Charlie's cages are silent for now, but the Frey's haven't given up hope of hearing their dogs bark again.

"We went out and hung up flyers on Saturday, all through York. I've been trying to call any local vets, that way they can keep an eye out if anybody brings a new puppy in to get checked out," Cathy Frey said.

"It's like we're missing part of the family, not a material thing where we can just replace it," Bob Frey said.

"We want nothing more than to have them back safe," Cathy Frey said.

Meanwhile, the Frey's story spread on social media. The family took to the Facebook group Find Toby in PA to spread the word about their beloved puppies.

"We're up to almost 11,000 shares on that nationwide, all the way from Pennsylvania to California," Cathy Frey said.

"They're both identical, other than charlie does have a white streak on his chest. They're identical. They're biological brothers, they're both right around 10 pounds, their tails are dotted," Cathy Fey added.

The Frey's ask that anyone who has information which could lead them to their dogs, to call State Police Loganville, 717-428-1011.