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Authorities after Carlisle drug bust: dealers traffic heroin in from major cities

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CARLISLE, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. — A borough in Cumberland County is committed to stopping the dealing and trafficking of heroin in its community. Authorities in Carlisle arrested 7 men in connection with heroine dealing and trafficking in the community.

Detectives say Carlisle is a prime spot for dealers to sell heroin because it’s so close to Philadelphia and because the dealers can make better money here than in bigger cities. You can get to and from Carlisle from many major highways – that’s what detectives say makes it an ideal spot for heroin trafficking from cities like Philadelphia.

“In 19 years, I think it’s always kind of been a theme. We’ve always had out-of-towners: New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia. We’ve always kind of been a target for out-of-towners,” says Detective Sgt. Daniel Freedman with the Carlisle Police Department.

Police picked up two of the seven people charged with drug dealing from the Super 8 motel in Carlisle, a spot detectives say is uncommon for dealers. They think heroin traffickers usually drive in from bigger cities and make their stay at convenience hotels on the Harrisburg Pike where they can stay for cheap, go undetected, and travel between the cities to resupply and sell.

“They come into to town, rent a hotel room or two or three, and from that point they distribute,” adds Detective Freedman.

Four of the people charged are from Philadelphia. According to police, cities like Carlisle are a gold mine for dealers. “30,000 dollars worth of heroin in those bags, and like I said that’s a week’s worth of work for them,” says Detective Freedman. Detectives say that much heroin would have ended up in more than 1,000 people’s hands in Cumberland County. “The word of mouth spreads, and they say, ‘Hey, I do a great business in Carlisle, come on up,'” he explains.

$13,000 in cash and $33,000 worth of heroin is just additional evidence against the men who were already arrested for other drug crimes.

Authorities in Carlisle have a message for dealers who put heroin on the streets: “We’re going to continue to arrest you and come after you with everything that we can to try and curb this problem because too many people are dying,” says Lieutenant Stephen Latshaw with the Carlisle Police Department.

“Were coming for ya. Once we put a good case on ya, we’re coming after ya,” warns Detective Freedman.

Detectives say they’ve been investigating the seven men charged with the drug bust for months. They say to finally nab the dealers is a huge success for authorities and Carlisle.