New permanent makeup technique is raising eyebrows

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It doesn't matter if you like them arched, straight, thin or bushy. Eyebrows are an important feature on your face. For various reasons, many women are left without them and are forced to try and draw them on every day. A newer technique is being offered in Lancaster County that promises to give a more permanent solution to the problem.

Microblading is an updated, more natural version of the older tattoo method of permanent makeup. Michelle Phillips is a licensed esthetician at Medical Cosmetics in Lancaster County, who specializes in medical esthetics.

"It looks like a fine hair stroke. It's not done with traditional needles, it's done with a blade".

One of her clients, Rachael Wood, says she decided to try permanent makeup after her eyebrows started to get thinner with age.

"It just saved me so much time in the morning and made me feel really good to have my eyebrows back again," she said.

Phillips' says the process is a great option for almost everyone, including those who tweezed too much, for those who lost their hair due to chemotherapy or alopecia, and for anyone with a scar.

"I did a brow the other day. The lady had fallen when she was a child and hair never grew there and I filled it right in with the pigment and it looked beautiful, " she said.

Phillips also says many people shy away from the procedure because they are scared that it won't match their natural hair color, but she says that is not a cause for concern.

"I have probably 36-40 pigments to pick from, and I can mix them because I've studied color and color theory and I'm a color analyst, so I can mix and customize your color."

She did that very process with Wood's eyebrows, who left extremely happy with her new brows.

" It took a little bit of time to heal but from the beginning they just looked incredible," she said.

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