Shooting investigation on Route 283 in Lancaster Co. turns into suicide

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EAST HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- A shooting incident leads to a suicide after police said a driver shot a man and then turned the gun on himself.

Michael Lohr and his wife, Deb Lohr, were driving westbound on Route 283 near East Hempfield Township when a car passed theirs. Deb said a loud noise came from that passing vehicle, and at first she thought the car had backfired.

Deb said, "My husband very casually pulled off the road. And I said, 'Why are you pulling off the road, hun?' And he said, 'I think I've been shot.'"

She checked to see if Michael was hurt.

Deb said, "Then I looked at his back and there was a hole and blood."

She immediately called 911, and Michael was rushed to the hospital.

Meanwhile, police followed the vehicle driven by the suspect to the intersection of Hossler and Colebrook road in Manheim.

The car stopped, and inside was a driver and passenger. Neighbors saw it all unfold.

Angelika Laird, who lives near the intersection, said,
"We saw the flashing lights, so we came over here to the window, looked out just as the passenger jumped out of the car, ran behind, threw his hands up in the air. We saw the police officer coming towards the car, and at that moment we heard and saw the shot come through the driver's side."

Officials said the driver killed himself. He is identified as 33-year-old Raymond Willey from Delaware, and police beliee he was the one who shot 67-year-old Michael Lohr.

Brett Hambright, the spokesperson for the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office, said this type of incident is unusual.

Hambright said, "You don't see a lot of this: a moving vehicle shoot into another moving vehicle. We don't see a lot of this at all. Especially on Route 283, which is one of our busier highways."

Deb said her heart goes out to Willey's family.

Her husband was released from the hospital and is recovering at home.

She said, "I just realized you can't live in fear. You can't let that overtake your life."

Police are still looking into the events that led up to the shooting, and said Willey was dealing with personal issues. They don't believe Willey's passenger was involved in the shooting.