York County veteran receives mortgage-free home

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CONEWAGO TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- A York County army veteran has received a lot of awards and recognition for serving his country.

Now, he gets something he can share with his entire family.

The army awarded Ian Stauffer with a Purple Heart and a Commendation medal.

His latest reward, the comforts of home.

Ian Stauffer said "you have ideas and dreams, and thoughts about how it's going to be and then you finally see it, and you're like, wow, magic. Explosion of emotion, if I could say that."

Stauffer has a lot to be thankful for, he's survived three explosions while serving his country in Afghanistan.

He now has the keys to a bright future, a mortgage-free home, made possible by the Military Warriors Support Foundation and Wells Fargo.  Besides upkeep around their new home, the Stauffers only have to pay utilities, property taxes, insurance.

Wells Fargo area sales manager Patrick Curran said "since 2012, Wells Fargo's donated over 300 homes to military veterans."

Katie Slattery of Military Warriors Support Foundation said "the requirements are that they can't currently have a mortgage, and they have to be combat wounded. There's a vetting process, just to make sure that they can afford a home, because a mortgage-free home is not a free home."

"The organization came through with flying colors, as far as communication, getting everything squared away," Stauffer said.

The home will provide a new foundation for his entire family.

"It's heartwarming. We know that owning a home is the american dream for a lot of families. To be able to play a little part in that, makes me feel great," Curran said.

"Just getting to see that initial excitement of what the future holds, this stems from a very bad day in their life, and then some blessing that comes from that," Slattery said.

"Its an opportunity that we were waiting for, for quite a while now. I think it's really going to bring good change to my family," Stauffer said.