FOX43 Sports Poll: What factors do you consider when making your NCAA Bracket Picks?

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Picking your winning teams for an NCAA Bracket isn’t always simple.

In fact, people often consider a number of different factors when deciding their winning teams.

For example, sometimes people like to base their picks off of a team’s color. So, say a person favors the color green. In the first round game that pits Notre Dame against Princeton, that person would pick Notre Dame due to one of their team colors being green.

Another factor that has been considered is the team’s mascot. This could either be based on the mascot’s name or simply what mascot the person likes better. For example, in the first round game that features Kansas and Michigan State, the person would pick between Big Jay/Baby Jay and Sparty.

Sometimes, fans want to roll with their favorite schools. That mean’s if they are a University of North Carolina fan, they may pick UNC to run through the South Bracket on their way to an NCAA Championship. Additionally, because UNC’s rival is Duke, this fan may also pick Duke to lose in the first round.

Finally, one of the most traditional methods is to pick teams based on who you believe will win the game.

Overall, there are a number of ways for people to pick who will win the NCAA Tournament.

Our question is, what factors do you consider when making your NCAA Bracket picks?