Harrisburg firefighter continues to save lives after death

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A Harrisburg firefighter continues to save lives, after his death.

Lt. Dennis DeVoe died Saturday after a crash Friday night. Police said he was struck in a hit-and-run, by an alleged drunk driver, while he was responding to a call.

Harrisburg firefighters rescued three lives that night, and in his passing, Lt. DeVoe will be saving five more.

He's been called a hero in life and in death. His final act was the gift of life.

Gift of Life donor program community relations supervisor Dwendy Johnson said "the opportunity that we have to leave a legacy, help save someone's life, and enhance someone's life is truly tremendous, and what a legacy you can leave."

As an organ donor, the lieutenant's heart, lungs, liver, and both kidneys will live on in five other people.

"Here in Pennsylvania alone, there are 8,000 people awaiting a life-saving transplant, and more of them are waiting for life-enhancing donations," Johnson said.

Johnson said the choice to give to others is also something to share with your loved ones.

"Having the conversation to reconfirm with your family and others that that's a decision that you want to make to help save more lives," Johnson said.

DeVoe put his life on the line as a firefighter for 21 years, and now bis life of service may inspire others to register and give as organ donors themselves.

"A story in itself that can hopefully warm the hearts of others to feel their need to help save lives," Johnson said.

And to me, that's very heartwarming," Johnson added.

April is Donate Life Month.

Anyone interested in becoming an organ donor may sign up when getting a driver's license, or through the Gift of Life donor program.