Nearly 100 cars towed in Lancaster during the snow storm

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LANCASTER, Pa. - Parking along a snow emergency route during a storm in Lancaster city could cost you. Larry Cohen with the Lancaster Parking Authority says an emergency is called when the forecast calls for eight or more inches of snow. People are given time to move their cars into a garage. Signs are posted letting people know the garages are open and advising people to move.During snow emergencies it is free to park in garages owned by LPA.

If people do not move their cars they are ticketed $30.00. Police then try to find the owner. As a last resort police have the cars towed. Monday night into Tuesday morning 85 vehicles were towed out of the city. There are four main companies that tow out of the city. Patriot St. Denis is one of the four. Crews with Patriot St. Denis worked until 2:00 in the morning Tuesday and towed 21 cars.

"I use to really enjoy the snow and playing in it, but now. I was hoping this year we'd get through and not have a lot of snow, but it's like oh well we will go into the spring with a bang I guess," said Randy Geissler, Patriot St. Denis Towing.

People picking up their cars will have to pay $220 for the tow. The price was negotiated between the towing companies and the city. Most people have picked up their vehicles. People that have not risk being charged a storage fee.