Firefighters band together to clear snow for funeral procession

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The funeral for a Harrisburg firefighter is scheduled to pass by the State Capitol building on Friday, March 17th. The day before, firefighters from across central Pennsylvania responded to the Capitol, to help the Harrisburg Fire Bureau clear ice and snow from the steps. Among those with shovels, were members of multiple companies and some retirees -- all coming to help in response to a tweet.

"It meant the world," said Captain Aldo Morelli of the Fire Bureau. "It shows what the brotherhood of the fire department is."

Friday's memorial services will honor Lieutenant Dennis Devoe, who was killed in a hit-and-run crash on Friday, March 10th, as he was on responding to a fire on Lexington Street.

Captain Morelli says the team effort on the steps of the Capitol building proved to be a tribute to the fallen lieutenant.

"It embodies the type of person Lieutenant Devoe was and what he stood for. He was a brother, through and through."

The funeral procession for Lieutenant Devoe begins at 9:00 Friday morning at Geigle funeral home in Susquehanna Township. Firefighters from out of town will stand together on the steps of the Capitol, as the procession passes. The funeral service begins at noon inside the Harrisburg forum.