Medical marijuana growing and processing facility gets zoning approval from York city. Next step, the state

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YORK, Pa. -- A medical marijuana growing and processing facility is one step closer to becoming a reality in downtown York.

The City Zoning and Planning board made the decision that 'Five Leaf Remedies Inc.' can move forward with a state growing and processing application.

Some neighbors were not very keen on the idea of a medical marijuana facility going up here on East Poplar Street.

Still, ‘Five Leaf Remedies’ can move forward with the state because they have the city’s approval.

With a 2 to 1 vote, the York City Zoning and Planning board allows the group of York investors to take the next step to get approved to start a medical marijuana growing and processing facility.

Still, safety where the facility would be on Poplar Street is a main concern voiced at the meeting and from neighbors.

"We are required by state mandate and regulation to maintain four years, four calendar years of video surveillance,” said Jonathan Spanos who heads up ‘Five Leaf’s’ Security and Surveillance.

Investors says police would have access to more than 100 cameras the corporation would put on the property. Some neighbors feel skeptical about the facility’s benefits.

"They're all looking at lining their own pockets. That's all it is. It's a money gimmick for them. This is our lives. This is our kids’ lives here,” said Wayne Jess who lives on Poplar Street. “These kids don't need the crime rate that this place is going to bring."

Ed Davidson, who also lives on Poplar Street, thinks the facility could bring crime to the streets.

"There's already activity in the neighborhood, and to have the building turned into that would be a total mess,” said Davidson.

Davidson has a message for ‘Five Leaf Remedies’- just go elsewhere.

"What do we need a marijuana plant growing facility for? Just for medical? Okay there's other places, farmlands they can do it on,” he said.

‘Five Leaf’ says the 35-thousand square foot facility would bring 8-10 jobs to the community and says it’s already working the community and police on the crime concerns.

"This group is the only one from a security standpoint that we have collaborated with them because it is their backyard to ensure for the neighborhood that there would be public safety,” said Spanos.

‘Five Leaf Remedies’ has until Monday to submit the application. Investors have said they feel confident they can get the approval from the state.