Look for highs in the 40s, 50s, and 60s this week

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Even though we get the 50s back on Monday, you'll still want a jacket.

50S RETURN: Even though we’ll have a cloudy Monday afternoon, highs still reach the low 50s!  Then, the 50s return on Tuesday, but first, a few showers cross over us Monday night.  They’ll move in after 10 P.M. and slide from west to east.  They’ll end before dawn on Tuesday, and we’ll end up with a partly sunny day.

We’ll see some scattered showers Monday night.

40S RETURN: Colder air marches across PA Tuesday night, taking our lows to 28 and setting up a high of 42 on Wednesday.  When you factor in Wednesday’s wind chill, it will feel in the 30s, even though we’ll have very sunny skies.  We keep the skies sunny rolling on Thursday, but we also keep the 40s.  At least we get to 48.

You’ll want the scarf and gloves on Wednesday.

60S RETURN: On Friday, you’ll enjoy mid 50s in the afternoon.  While we’ll spend Friday partly sunny, you’ll also see more clouds in the sky in the afternoon.  One or two communities will get a sprinkle, while everyone else stays dry.  Everyone has partly sunny skies and a dry Saturday as highs soar to the low 60s.

60s close out the week.

RAIN RETURNS: Expect a cloudy and rainy Sunday.  Yet, we’ll still get highs in the upper 50s despite the clouds.  On Monday of next week, we’ll have some leftover showers, cloudy skies, and highs in the 50s.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson