People in Adams County learn how immigration issues impact them

EAST BERLIN, Adams County, Pa. - A group of people in Adams County gathered on Sunday afternoon, to learn how immigration issues impact their county.

Adams Action hosted the event at the East Berlin Community Center.  It featured speakers to provide insight and answers about illegal immigrants, sanctuary cities, deportation and paths to citizenship.  Those speakers included: Ted Murphy, Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Prosecutor, Leighton Rice, from the Adams County Fruit Growers Association​, Paula Olinger, Spanish Professor at Gettysburg College and Yeimi Gagliardi, with the Latino Services Task Force.

One of the organizers, Marcia Wilson, Chair of Adams County Democratic Committee said, "It appears people in this group are concerned about their neighbors and about what these people mean to the community and how we can be of assistance to families that may be in very anxious ways right now​."

Adams Action is a non-profit that commits itself to providing educational forums about how national and state issues affect Adams County and the people who live there.