McCaskey High School students return to class after chlorine leak

J.P. McCaskey High School students were evacuated Monday when the School District of Lancaster discovered a malfunction of the pool equipment.

The district’s social media accounts explained students and staff were moved to East. They were allowed to re-enter the high school after the it had been cleared for air quality.

According to the district, earlier Monday morning:

“Due to a malfunction of the pool equipment at J.P. McCaskey, a chlorine odor was released and we had to evacuate the school. Students and staff are currently at McCaskey East. They will be allowed to re-enter the building once the fire department deems the air quality is safe.”

The latest update:

“As of 9:20 a.m., the building has been cleared for air quality. Students re-entered the building and began their day with 2nd period.”