Bikers rev their engines and deliver Easter to children across the area

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HUMMELSTOWN, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- Dozens of bikers revved their engines to bring Easter to sick children.

"A lot of kids really want to be out there enjoying Easter egg hunts and eating chocolate, but a lot of times, they're in hospitals trying to get better," said Rich Fanning, the Co-Organizer of the 2017 Pennsylvania Bunny Run.

The Hummelstown Fire Department in Dauphin County and the Red Knights Motorcycle Club paired up to bring a part of Easter to children with cancer - brand new stuffed bunnies.

1,200 bunnies to be exact, of every size, shape, and color, to be given out by the bikers at hospitals in our area. Bunnies for babies, and bunnies for kids all the way up to their late teens.

"You wouldn't believe the smiles that come on their faces when big, burly biker guys come in, and here we are, holding brand new, stuffed Easter bunnies, pink bunnies, rabbits, whatever," said Fanning.

The bikers, including Fanning, started at the Hummelstown Fire Department and traveled to multiple hospitals in the area, as well as the Ronald McDonald house of Central Pennsylvania where Carol Wilcox volunteers.

"It's just so exciting. The kids are so excited," said Wilcox. "The parents are so excited, as well as the volunteers, and then, when suddenly, there's bunnies all over every chair we have in the facility, it's pretty awesome."

She says the Bunny Run helps the parents too because it brings them a ray of sunshine during what may be a dark time.

"This gives them a smile," Wilcox said with a smile.

Bikers happy to make the difference and to use what they love to bring some smiles to children's faces in Central Pennsylvania.

"It's amazing to see how their faces light up when they go through and they see us giving them the bunnies," explained Fanning.