Warm, with several shower chances in the 7-Day

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We warm up quickly Easter Morning!

EASTER SUNDAY FORECAST: We start off very mild, which bumps temperatures up for Easter into the low-to-mid 80s by the early afternoon. Heading into the late afternoon and early evening, a few thunderstorms start to develop and may become relatively strong.

We become very gusty by the afternoon.

Winds throughout the day are breezy with gusts up to 40mph out of the WSW, with gusts up to 60mph possible in passing thunderstorms. Not everyone will hear thunder for Easter with the highest chances being to the north and to the west, but just take the umbrella into account heading out the door in the morning.



COOLER, STILL MILD: After a passing cool front with the thunderstorms passes through Sunday night, clouds keep lows mild in the 50s but limit temperatures to the low 70s for Monday with otherwise dry conditions. Winds shift to out of the NW with gusts up to 20mph possible. Winds die down for Tuesday with highs in the upper 60s and low 70s.

SEVERAL SHOWER CHANCES: More shower chances head our way in the late evening Tuesday, and then spotty showers persist each day to finish the week, from Wednesday through Friday.

Several rain chances throughout the week.

Highs vary from the mid 60s on Wednesday to the low 70s for Thursday and Friday.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

-Meteorologist Bradon Long