Newly-renovated Bailey House Annex reopened

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- PinnacleHealth Auxiliary is celebrating the reopening of an annex that provides free temporary housing for those with seriously ill loved ones in Harrisburg.

FOX43 was there for the ribbon-cutting of the newly-renovated Bailey House annex. The facility on Harrisburg's Washington Street is open 24 hours a day and provides private rooms and refreshments to families with ill loved ones, just one block away from Harrisburg hospital.

"This is a really special spot," said State Representative Patty Kim. "Not very showy, but a place where we can take care of our visitors and our guests and hopefully send them along the way with a healthy family member."

The renovations were made possible by a recent bequest from the estate of Eunice Milliron, a long-time patient service representative at Harrisburg hospital, who passed away in 2014 at the age of 88.  Using those contributions, two additional bedrooms and bathrooms were added to the Bailey House annex, and a central air conditioning system was installed.

The Bailey House opened in 1988 and is named for the first president of the Harrisburg Hospital Auxiliary.