Loyalty to America Day celebration

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Plenty of red, white, and blue to be seen during a celebration of "Loyalty to America Day" on May 1st. The event was hosted by the Pennsylvania Department of Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Pennsylvania's adjutant general served as keynote speaker and acknowledged the sacrifices made by america's military members every day.

"This freedom, this liberty, has been bought and paid for through the blood, the sweat, and the tears of our veterans and their families," said Brigadier General Anthony Carrelli. "Those who have a uniform on serve to initially gain, and eventually preserve, the rights and freedoms."

Loyalty Day actually began in 1921.  Back then, it was called "Americanization Day" and was meant to counter the Communists' May 1st celebration of the Russian Revolution.  The holiday was eventually adopted through resolution in 1949.