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Judge orders title search for owners of collapsed wall in Harrisburg

No one was injured when a parking lot adjacent to the Mulberry Street bridge in Harrisburg partially collapsed.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas Judge Lawrence Clark issued an order late Wednesday afternoon ordering the City of Harrisburg to hire a bonded title search company, a registered surveyor and a licensed professional engineer for the purposed of determining who owns the wall next to the Mulberry Street bridge that collapsed onto Howard Tire and Auto 205 S. Cameron Street, last May. With no action on repairs to the damage to his shop caused by the collapsed wall, Howard Henry was forced out of business in October.

The City claimed that McFarland Apartments owned the wall, which McFarland denied. McFarland L.P. owns a 8 unit apartment building and parking structure at 200 Crescent Street.

Judge Clark’s order set a 60 day timetable to determine legal ownership of the property.