Three previously deported men indicted for illegal re-entry

HARRISBURG, Pa — The United State’s Attorney’s Office for the middle district of Pennsylvania announced that three people were indicted by a federal grand jury for illegal re-entry on Wednesday.

According to a press release, Jose Cruz-Ramirez, Maynor Galiego-Mendoza and Edwin Mauricio-Flores were all previously deported from the United States multiple times, and now will serve up to two years, a supervised release and a fine.

Cruz-Ramirez, 32, of Mexico, was deported on 4 different occasions in the past, once in October of 2010, twice in December of 2010, and once in February of 2011. Cruz-Ramirez was found in Cumberland County after eluding immigration officers.

Galiego-Mendoza, 45, of Guatemala, was deported on two different occasions, once in July 2009 and once in September of 2010. Galiego-Mendoza was found in Dauphin County after eluding immigration officers.

Mauricio-Flores, 35, of Honduras, was deported on two different occasions, once in October of 2009 and once in October of 2001. Mauricio-Flores was found in York County after eluding immigration officers.

All three men face a maximum sentence of 2 years imprisonment and, a term of supervised release, and a fine.