PFA reveals details of alleged abuse by State Rep. Kevin Haggerty

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DUNMORE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa.-- The wife of a state lawmaker claims he threw water bottles at her, hit her in the head, and has abused her in the past, according to WNEP.

State Representative Kevin Haggerty (D-PA) of Lackawanna County has not spoken publicly about the protection from abuse order filed by his wife, but more details about what she says happened last week are becoming public.

Haggerty was in Harrisburg Monday afternoon, voting on several bills at the state Capitol. However, he did not address what happened Thursday night at his home in Dunmore.

According to the PFA filed Friday, Jennifer Haggerty claims that her husband, "head butt and threw me down, approximately May 10. Other (times) have been slapped, hit, hair pulled, objects thrown at me, and thrown to (the) ground."

In the PFA, Haggerty's wife writes that Thursday night he "threw 2 bottles of water at me and hit me in the left side of the head hard enough to feel temporary loss of hearing and facial numbness."

"Kevin has an anger issue, and it was displayed many times at the office. I've seen him break furniture, throw chairs, and all that kind of thing, so I sincerely hope he works in out," said Harry Kirias.

Kirias was a legislative assistant for Haggerty during the lawmaker's first term in the state house from 2012 to 2013.

"To him, it was always political, and if things didn't go his way, the anger came out," Kirias said, adding that he believes he needs professional help.

"I feel sorry for him."

An attorney for Haggerty released the following statement:

"The allegations raised against Mr. Kevin Haggerty are of a personal nature between his wife, Jennifer, and himself. It is not appropriate that he comment at this time regarding said allegations. The allegations and Mr. Haggerty's position relative thereto shall be addressed in the appropriate forum at the time and date set for same."

As of now, there are no criminal charges against Representative Haggerty, and his wife has not asked to file either harassment or assault charges.

Haggerty is not allowed to go to his home or contact his wife until the case goes before a judge in Lackawanna County family court.

A hearing is set for May 31.