Volunteers mow unkempt cemetery in York County

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CONEWAGO TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Volunteers are cutting grass for a cause.

James Wolverton, from Wellsville, said, "Whether someone is dead and buried, or not, they still should be respected in that manner."

Once a week, 10-20 people get together to mow the grass at Suburban Memorial Gardens in Conewago Township, York County.

Edwin Fleming, from Dover, said, "I was very disappointed. I came here to help mow the first time, and you couldn't see any flowers sticking up through the grass."

Visitors said the cemetery has been in awful shape after the owners of the grave site were convicted of tax evasion last year.

Wolverton said, "The grass was about a foot-and-a-half tall, and the majority of the flags and markers and flower pots were overturned and out."

And now the volunteers are weeding out the problems.

People who go to the cemetery express their gratitude toward the mowers.

David Weiser, from Mount Wolf, said, "When I first came up here, this cemetery was in real bad shape. And I appreciate these guys in here mowing for nothing."

Sharon Urich, from Warrington Township, said, "It makes me feel wonderful that there's people out there that care enough to not just take care of their own loved ones, you know cemetery, burial area, but they're taking care of the whole cemetery."

They aren't just keeping up the cemetery for the people buried there currently, but also for the people who may be buried there in the future.

Wolverton said, "Most of them have family here that we've ran into. I have family buried right down there. Actually when I finally leave this world I get to be buried right down there, so it needs to be taken care of."

Volunteers said if you'd like to help out, they mow the grass at the cemetery every Tuesday.