DNA helps police identify suspects in 2012 Shrewsbury grocery store burglary

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SHREWSBURY, YORK COUNTY, Pa – Police identify two suspects in the March 25, 2012 burglary at Saubel’s grocery store in Shrewsbury Borough.

When Southern Regional Police arrived on the scene, an officer saw two suspects at the loading dock area, one of which was on the roof. Both had their faces covered by masks and were dressed in black. Both suspects fled from the officer.

During the investigation it was found the suspects cut the alarm and communications wires on the roof and had multiple tools in their possession which they abandoned during their flight from apprehension. A mask was found that was worn by the suspect on the roof. A vehicle was also seized from an adjacent parking lot after it was identified as the suspects’ vehicle.

In 2016 the state police laboratory provided a DNA match to the mask recovered on scene. As a result that match, Kenneth Manns, and AAron Davis, both from Baltimore, have been charged with Burglary and Conspiracy to Commit Burglary.

Warrants were issued for both men who are currently in federal custody. Additional charges are being added at their court hearings.