Twice deported Mexican national indicted for illegal re-entry into the United States

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HARRISBURG, Pa. –  Eliverto Verdugo-Torres, 27, of Mexico, was indicted by a federal grand jury in Harrisburg with illegal re-entry into the United States by a previously deported alien.

According to United States Attorney Bruce D. Brandler, Verdugo-Torres was previously deported from the United States to Mexico in September 2014 and January 2017. He is alleged to have illegally re-entered the United States sometime after January 2017, and was found in the United States in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania after eluding examination or inspection by immigration officers. In January 2017, he was convicted in the Middle District of Pennsylvania of illegal re-entry, an offense which subjects him to enhanced penalties in the current case.

Because of Verdugo-Torres’s previous conviction, under federal law he faces a maximum penalty of ten years of imprisonment, a term of supervised release following imprisonment, and a fine.