10 “Johns” arrested after undercover operation reveals customers of prostitution

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LANCASTER, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– Officers of the Selective Enforcement Unit and a Street Operations Group completed an undercover operation that resulted in 10 arrests of customers of street level prostitutes, which are commonly referred to as “Johns”.

The operation was completed on Thursday, May 24 in specific areas of Lancaster City where this type of activity is often concentrated.

All of the following suspects have been charged with Criminal Solicitation of Prostitution:

1) COLON-LOPEZ, Mariano H/M/42 Resident- 300 blk. N. Broad St. Lititz PA

2) JEFFERS, Steven W/M/30 Resident- 200 blk. W. Vine St. Lancaster PA

3) PATTERSON, Brian B/M/53 Resident- 600 blk. E. Walnut St. Lancaster PA

4) HIMCHAK, William W/M/49 Resident- 200 blk. High Rd. Shippensburg PA

5) O’GARA, Francis W/M/76 Resident- 500 blk. E. Marion St. Lancaster PA

6) LOPEZ-ORTIZ, Wilmer H/M/29 Resident- 1st blk. Reed Dr. Nottingham PA

7) FERRO, Ronald W/M/60 Resident- 700 blk. Wyncroft Terrace Lancaster PA

8) STOKES, Lee B/M/71 Resident- 100 blk. E. Ross St. Lancaster PA

9) HOUINSOU, Godefroy B/M/46 Resident- 1500 blk. Swarr Run Rd. Lancaster PA

10) ROMULUS, Patrick B/M/30 Resident- 700 blk. E. Chestnut St. Lancaster PA