PUC alerts consumers of price changes beginning June 1

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- As of June 1, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission says consumers will start to see price changes for electric generation to non-shopping, or default service customers.

As a result, officials are advising consumers to pay attention to their bills especially heading into the summer season.

If you get your electricity directly from a supplier, such as PPL Electric or Penn Power, you will see price changes. Many will see slight increases, while some will see decreases.

If you get your electric from an alternate supplier, your rates will not change.

According to the PUC, some of the notable changes as of June 1, include:

PPL Electric, with an estimated increase from 7.439 cents to 8.493 cents per kWh, a 14.2 percent increase.

Penn Power, with an estimated increase from 5.884 cents to 6.674 cents per kWh, a 13.4 percent increase.

West Penn Power, with an estimated increase from 5.975 cents to 6.602 cents per kWh, a 10.5 percent increase.

Wellsboro Electric, with an estimated increase from 6.931 cents to 8.192 cents per kWh, an 18.2 percent increase.

Met-Ed, with an estimated decrease from 6.964 cents to 6.018 cents per kWh, a 13.6 percent decrease.

Citizens' Electric, with an estimated decrease from 8.16 cents to 6.64 cents per kWh, an 18.6 percent decrease.

Due to the price changes, PUC officials are reminding consumers to be aware of supplier offers being prompted via mail, phone, or in person and to shop around to review all energy options at PAPowerSwitch.com.