A mainly dry weekend

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We'll have highs near 80 all weekend.

WEEKEND WEATHER: After a few spots get a quick shower early Saturday morning, the skies quickly turn sunny.  Enjoy a really nice and sunny afternoon with highs just shy of 80.  We’ll keep the skies clear Saturday night and fall to the mid 50s again.  On Sunday, it’s the reverse of Saturday: we start out very sunny.  Then, after noon, more and more clouds will fill the sky.  A few places late in the afternoon and early in the evening will get a quick shower or thunderstorm.  Most of us actually stay dry the entire weekend, though.  Next week, is a different story.

WET WEATHER: We start out dry on Monday, then scattered showers roll in for the afternoon and evening.  The off and on showers continue Monday night and all day on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, we’ll have just a few showers, but they will pop up throughout the day.  Then, we finally get some sun back on Thursday.  As of now, we have more showers in the forecast for next Friday.

Keep the umbrella handy for the start of the workweek, next week.

SEASONAL HIGHS: Highs stay somewhat seasonal in the 70s.  I say somewhat because the upper 70s is average these days.  Most of next week, we’ll have highs in the mid to low 70s.  By the way, in case you’re curious, sunrise, the time the sun is fully over the horizon, is at 5:39 these days.  Sunset is at 8:31.

Sunday is the only day in the 80s for at least the next week.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson