‘We’re cleaning up the street’: 25 arrested for drug-crimes in Harrisburg area

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced the arrests on Tuesday of 25 people, charged with selling drugs in Harrisburg and nearby communities.

Shapiro announced the arrests as the culmination of a 7-month investigation, in which the Attorney General's Mobile Street Crimes Unit worked with local law enforcement. Agents worked undercover to buy illegal drugs from dealers. They seized heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, prescription pills, ecstasy, and other drugs, along with 17 illegal guns and $18,530 in cash.

Shapiro said the Attorney General's office was responding to calls for help from Harrisburg Police and law enforcement from other local communities.

"We heard the community loud and clear and we acted," Shapiro said.

Thirteen people were arrested and were in custody on Tuesday. Shapiro said he accompanied a special operations group to a pair of house raids Tuesday morning.

The first, occurring around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, arrested Shawn Davenport, 30, at 142 Balm Street of Harrisburg, along with one other unidentified man. Police seized $2900 and 9 grams of cocaine, according to the Office of the Attorney General.

Neighbors came to their front porch after describing what sounded like loud bangs.

"I asked a police officer what was going on here, and he said, 'We're cleaning up the street,'" said one Balm Street resident who asked to remain anonymous.

A second raid, made on a house on Luce Street in Harrisburg, netted the arrest of Kurt Cheatham, 36. Four young children were inside the home at the time of the arrest, Shapiro said.

"We need to do better by these children," he said. "We, as law enforcement, need to do better in targeting these dealers to get them off the streets and stop them from infecting these communities."

The arrests were made as the result of the Mobile Street Crimes Unit working in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies. Since November, 131 arrests have been made in the Harrisburg-area involving drugs and other crimes.

"When you start a drug war against drug dealers, it's a long term thing," said Chief Thomas Carter of Harrisburg Police. "They're dug in and entrenched, and so are we."

The following defendants are charged with drug-related offenses:

  • Anton Bland, 41, of 525 S 2nd Street in Steelton
  • James Carr, 28, of 1422 State Street in Harrisburg
  • Kurt Cheatham, 36, of 2328 Luce Street in Harrisburg
  • Shawn Davenport, 30, of 142 Balm Street in Harrisburg
  • Matthew Depasquale, 35, of 101 Greenbriar Drive in Marysville
  • Kevin Ellison, 40, of 363 N Union Street in Middletown
  • Robert Fleming, 32, of 2244 N 7th Street in Harrisburg
  • Eric Henry, 26, of 3012 Derry Street in Harrisburg
  • Kaseem Ingram, 27, of 1934 Chestnut Street in Harrisburg
  • Jaleel Jackson, 21, of 2311 Ionoff Road in Harrisburg
  • Bobby Johnson, 39, of 240 South 13th Street in Harrisburg
  • Anthony Maldonado, 27, of 100 Evergreen Street in Harrisburg
  • Emerson Miller, 31, of 264 Briggs Street in Harrisburg
  • Tristan Nicholsan, 32, of 407 Redbud Court in Harrisburg
  • Kevin Payne, 54, of 155 Royal Terrace in Harrisburg
  • James Pierce, 30, of 2012 N 4th Street in Harrisburg
  • Robert Roberts, 54, of 1105 4th Avenue in Steelton
  • Jeffrey Simpson, 27, of 1828 North Street in Harrisburg
  • Dwayne Tennant, 56, of 1708 N 2nd Street in Harrisburg
  • Orlando Twyford, 55, of 2128 Susquehanna Street in Harrisburg
  • Lavar Williams, 28, of 1159 Derry Street in Harrisburg
  • Corday Willis, 24, of 1706 State Street in Harrisburg
  • Andrew Wood, 43, of 237 Maclay Street in Harrisburg
  • Kenyatta Wright, 25, of 1819 Whitehall Street in Harrisburg
  • Antoine Yeiser, 27, of 623 Camp Street in Harrisburg